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Images 3D is a free tool to create stereoscopic 3D images from a given pair of photographs. The result can be an anaglyph or a parallel “cross-eyed” pair of images which, when viewed with the appropriate pair of glasses or by following a certain viewing routine, provide a full 3D stereoscopic effect. The input and output formats supported are JPG, JPS, BMP, and PNG. Stereoscopic or anaglyph images are one of the oldest systems known to create three-dimensional effects. The program creates these images by recreating the way the human eyes perceive depth when looking at any object. The two input images are very similar in appearance, being a slight change in the angle from where they were taken the only thing that differentiates them. The original images used can be a pair of photographs taken with any digital camera, printed photographs which can be scanned directly from this tool, or even a pair of drawings. The only thing users need to keep in mind when creating the original images is to slightly change the angle from where the images were taken or drawn, thus resembling the different points of view from which our eyes look at any object. To enjoy the 3D effect offered by anaglyph images you will need to wear the traditional red-blue pair of glasses. The program needs to load both the left-eye and the right-eye images, which can be two different files or a stereo image file (JPS). The user can then add some interesting effects by using filters that enhance the color, the sharpness, or the tone of the images. Images 3D can then create two types of stereoscopic 3D images – either an anaglyph, or a pair of twin images to be viewed using the “cross-eyed” technique. The former consists of two superimposed layers, one in red, one in blue (cyan), which offer are an offset representation of the two original photographs. The latter, is a new pair of images very similar to the original one, with slight differences in tone and brightness. The program allows for a re-alignment of any or both of the input images to provide the best possible results. The 3D image created can then be viewed and enjoyed in your computer or saved in any of the formats supported.

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